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Hailing from the hills of West Virginia is Appalachian based Artist, Singer/Songwriter, and Rocker, Emmalea Deal. Coming from a lineage of hobby instrumentalists and music lovers, Deal has art flowing through her veins; Which is nothing short of what you would expect after listening to her thoughts and clever lyrics. Emmalea is what you would call a well rounded Musician and Writer, regularly creating original music and playing shows since age 12. She is an Eclectically, Raw, 21st Century Icon in the making.


Deal blends sounds that combine all the glitters and gold of Rock, and the dirty, powerful side of Pop. All to create a timeless fusion of Modern Alternative.

She is simply unapologetically herself everyday; The neon boy-short hair, the glamorous makeup, the bold clothing, its only a portion of what makes Emmalea so lovably infectious.


Recently Emmalea has taken her talent not only to new regions but into the studio as well. Her most recent EP, “Queen” is set to release early 2019. After trial and beautifully executed error, Deal has crafted a unique sound in the studio with her latest work. It’s that feeling in the pit of your stomach, or the butterflies you get when you see your crush. It’s the aura of her EP, ”Queen” that she has carefully crafted for the ears of many listeners.


The great thing about Emmalea Deal, is that you never know exactly what you’re going to get; except that it will be Authentic and Irresistible.

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